Countdown Widget

Set the clock! Countdown to that important deadline or product launch.

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Check out the Introduction to Dashboards article to understand the basics of working with widgets.

The Countdown Widget provides a fun, visual way to rally team members around an important milestone or deadline. It counts down the time to reach a specified Date & Time.


Targeting an important deadline to launch your next game-changing product? Or maybe it's the ticking clock to an event. Use the Countdown Widget for any important date in the future you want to visualize for everyone to see.


The Countdown Widget can be configured to display any combination of the following:

  • Months

  • Weeks

  • Days

  • Hours

  • Minutes

  • Seconds

Start by setting the Target Date and Target Time (note: the time defaults to your profile locale settings)

Select the Countdown color, and choose between a Fireworks display or to show a Message when the countdown reaches its 000000000 destination.

Simply click Add Widget when you're done and adjust the location and size on your Dashboard as needed.

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