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Starred Items (Favorites)
Starred Items (Favorites)

Star your favorite solutions and saved views to quickly navigate to the things you need to focus on

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Starring something in SmartSuite is the easiest way to keep it front and center, available from one easy location to quickly navigate you to your most important information.

These favorites are available with a single click from anywhere in SmartSuite. They're also personal, meaning every Member can configure starred items that reflect their unique needs.

Why would I want to star an item?

While we've made SmartSuite Solutions and saved views extremely easy to navigate, there are often a handful of things that you access most frequently. Your favorites list makes finding them quick work.

Where to Find Starred Items

Your favorite starred items can be found easily - click on the star that is always displayed in SmartSuite's top bar:

Starring Solutions, Saved Views, and Records

Items that can be starred

Three types of things can be starred:

  • Solutions

  • Saved Views

  • Records

Add a starred item

Adding a starred item couldn't be easier - just click the star!. When it is filled in it's selected and will now be listed as one of your favorites.

Remove a starred item

Removing a starred item can be done in two ways:

  1. Uncheck the star when you're viewing the solution, saved view or record

  2. Uncheck the star from your starred items list

Pin a starred item

If you find that you're using starred items a lot, even your list of favorite things may be getting long! No problem, highlight the most important favorites by pinning them to the top of the list.

Just open your Starred Items list, hover the item, and click the thumbtack icon. The item will move to the top of the dialog to make it even easier to find.

Don't want it pinned anymore? Just click on the pin icon and it will fall back into the lower part of the list.

Reorder a starred Solution

You can reorder your starred Solutions by simply dragging and dropping them into the order of your preference.

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