Commenting in a Record

Communicate with team members directly where the work is being done

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Record commenting

Who can comment in a record?

If you have at least View permissions for a Solution you can comment on individual records in the Solution's Tables. You've got tons of flexibility to format content, insert images, @mention users and much more - all right within the context of a record and its information.

What makes record comments important?

Record comments are the perfect way to discuss the work that you're doing - right within the work you are doing! By having a chat with teammates within a record, you can refer to data directly without requiring the other collaborator to look something up, open a spreadsheet, or go access another Web site.

For example, I can start a conversation in the Website Phase 1 Client Project record, @mentioning Nate to look into the website's design.

This process lets you get right down to the task at hand, and is perfect for a wide range of collaborative processes. See the section Record Comment Use Cases below for ideas about how to use this powerful SmartSuite capability.

Record Comment Use Cases

Use Case: Collaborating with Teammates

Record comments are absolutely the place to discuss the work that is documented in the record, allowing you to pull people into the conversation easily while chatting right there in view of the content. All of the comments are stored along with the record, with time and date stamps letting you know who commented and when.

Use Case: Task Creation & Assignment

One truly powerful capability that is part of record comments is the ability to create a task - right from the comment interface! You don't have to change view, lose your place, or even look away from the record you're in. Just @mention a user and click the "Assign to" checkbox and you've created a task for the tagged user. Couldn't be easier!

Communicating in SmartSuite

Get all of the details about ways you can converse with all your team members in SmartSuite here.

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