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Print, Export & Share View
Share, Print and Export Saved Views
Share, Print and Export Saved Views
Share your data with others, print, or export right from the view
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Sharing Saved Views

Sharing with your SmartSuite workspace members:

Click on the three-dot dropdown next to " + New Record" and select "Copy link."

This link will take the recipient directly to the Grid View.

Sharing with External SmartSuite Users:

You can share a saved Grid view to anyone without a SmartSuite account in a read-only form by selecting "Share view" in the solution toolbar.

You can select from the following sharing options:

  1. Shareable Link: Anyone will this link and when the Shared view link is enabled will see this view in a read-only state. Simply copy the link and

    Note: This link can be regenerated through the refresh button.

  2. Embed code: Embed this View on another website page by copying the code and pasting it to the desired location.

Printing/Exporting Saved View

Click on the three-dot dropdown next to " + New Record."

You can export it as an Adobe pdf, to Excel, Google Sheets, and CVS. You can also customize the printer settings including size, layout, font size, and more.

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