Failed or Late Payments

How to address problems with your SmartSuite payments

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Payments can fail for a number of reasons that may be beyond your control. If there is ever a problem, we'll email your billing contact(s) to bring it to your attention.

Note that your SmartSuite workspace's Primary Contact(s) may also be notified of certain payment issues.

How we handle failed or late payments

We hope that any payment issues you have are easily resolved by updating an expiration date or similar minor administrative adjustment. With issues that remain outstanding for a longer period of time, SmartSuite has adopted the following procedures:

Failed or Late Payment Time Period

SmartSuite Action

After 7 days...

If we cannot successfully process a payment after one week, we will reach out to your SmartSuite billing contact(s) to alert them to the situation.

After 14 days...

After two weeks, we will again remind all SmartSuite Billing Contacts that payment cannot be processed.

After 21 days...

After three weeks, we will inform all SmartSuite Primary Contacts in addition to Billing Contacts that payment cannot be processed and the workspace may be suspended if the issue is not resolved.

After 30 days...

Thirty (30) days after the first unsuccessful attempt to process payment, the SmartSuite workspace will be deactivated. All SmartSuite Primary and Billing Contacts will receive an email stating that the workspace will remain inactive until billing issues are resolved and payment is successfully processed.

View or update your payment method

Due to changing circumstances, it is sometimes required to change payment method or billing details. SmartSuite makes that easy, with an article that walks you through the process, here.

More Questions?

If you have additional questions about billing-related issues please email us at, and we'll be happy to assist.

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