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Learn how to understand and manage billing for SmartSuite Workspaces

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SmartSuite offers both free and paid Workspace plans. Each incremental plan type adds increased levels of usage and additional features. You can review the entire list of usage limits and feature availability at

How SmartSuite Billing Works

SmartSuite bills per Workspace. When you upgrade a Workspace from free trial or the Free plan, we will charge for any Member with a role other than Guest (Administrator, Creator or General).

We do not charge for Guest Members, shared form submissions, or shared views on any of our plans.

An individual Member can belong to multiple Workspaces, and if they do they add to the active Member count for all Workspaces they are part of.

NOTE: Only Members with the Administrator role can view or modify information related to Plans & Billing. Non-admins do not have access to Workspace Administration, which contains the Plans & Billing page and all of the functionality described in this article.

The Plans & Billing Page

In the Plans & Billing tab of Workspace Administration, you can view the following information:

  • Current Plan - The SmartSuite Plan you are currently subscribed to

  • Licensed Members - Total active users and the number you have licensed as part of your current subscription

  • Billing Cycle: Your selected billing cycle (monthly or annually)

  • Member Since: The month and year you joined SmartSuite

  • Next Bill Date/Amount - The billing date and amount for your next SmartSuite subscription charge

  • Cancel Workspace - This link allows you to cancel your Workspace (turning it into a Free plan Workspace)

  • Payment Total on Date: How much you owe on what date, followed by number of days until then

  • History of Active Users/Month: The line chart displays the history of active users per month since your account activation

Checking Your Workspace's Plan

It's easy to see what plan your Workspace is on, as it is displayed in two places:

  • On the Home Page. Your Workspace home page displays the current plan name just to the right of the "My Workspace" section. Clicking the plan name will display the SmartSuite Plans, Features and Pricing article.

  • On the Plans & Billing Page. The Plans & Billing page (the last tab in the Workspace Administration section) displays the plan under Current Plan in the Plan Profile section.

Billing Contacts

The individuals listed as Billing contacts will be emailed copies of all SmartSuite invoices and payment and Workspace-related correspondence. You can add up to 5 contacts, who do not need to be SmartSuite Members. The Account Owner (the Admin who created the Workspace) is the default billing contact.

You can remove a billing contact by clicking the Remove Contact link. Note that you must have at least one billing contact.

Manage Billing Contacts

Payment Information

The Payment Information section allows you to see the credit card currently on file for your Workspace, your billing address and any additional details you need to add to your invoice as static text (such as a VAT number).

Clicking the Edit button for either Payment Method or Billing Address opens a dialog that allows you to make changes, update card information and ensure your billing address details are correct.

If you add Additional Invoice Details, the static text you enter will display on all invoices generated by SmartSuite going forward.

Billing History

Your Billing History displays a list of all invoices generated by SmartSuite. You may have to scroll down to see older invoices if you have been a customer for a while.

Click on the invoice number to download a PDF copy of an individual invoice.

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