Filtering records in SmartSuite is similar to working in a spreadsheet. The Filter control is available in the Report Toolbar for Grid, Card, Kanban, Calendar, Timeline, Map and Chart views.

Filtering records requires the following inputs:

  • Field(s) on which to filter

  • Filter operation (options vary by field type)

  • Filter criteria (options vary by field type)

  • And / Or selection when filtering on multiple fields at the same time

Filtering Overview

Numeric, Date, Values List and Text field types have distinct filter operators to use in combination with the filter criteria.

Filtering with Numeric Fields

Numeric field operators include: equal to, not equal to, greater than, less than, equal to or greater than, equal to or less than, is empty, is not empty.

Entering a value in the criteria field automatically applies the filter to the current view or saved view.

Filtering with Date Fields

Date field operators include: is, is not, is before, is after, is on or before, is on or after, is empty, is not empty.

Select an operator in combination with a filter criteria: Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday, The past week, The past month, The past year, The next week, The next month, The next year, The next number of days, The past number of days, Exact Date / Range.

Additional filter criteria is required when The next number of days, The past number of days, or Exact Date / Range are selected.

Filtering with Values List Fields

Values List field operators include: is, is not, is any of, is none of, is empty, is not empty.

The field criteria field automatically loads the values list. When the " is any of " or " is none of " operators are selected, multiple values can be selected in the same filter.

Filtering with Text-based Fields

Text-based field operators are: is, is not, is empty, is not empty, contains, does not contain.

Text-based fields for the purpose of filtering include Text, Text Area, SmartDoc and Linked Record fields.

Text filters can be applied to Files & Image fields. How cool is that πŸ₯Ά !?!

Using Multiple Filters

Pare down your data to the perfect saved view using multiple filters at once. Select between AND/OR for each filter level.

Filters are applied instantly and saved automatically. Click CLEAR ALL to remove all filter criteria, or click the trash icon to remove filters one at a time.

Filtering in Grid View

Grid view supports quick filtering with the Column Controls.

Filtering in Card & Kanban View

Filters instantly remove cards from view.

Filtering in Calendar, Timeline & Map Views

Filtering in Calendar, Timeline and Map views reorders cards in the Record Listing panel and removes records from view.

Pro tip: Filter by Current User

Create one report that will allow everyone on your team to see the work assigned to only them (the Current User)!

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the desired Saved View

  2. Click on Filter in the Toolbar

  3. Select the Assign To Field you want to filter by... 'is exactly' ... Current User

Now, any time a user access this saved view, they will only see fields assigned to them; no need for a separate saved view for everyone πŸ˜ƒ .

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