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It's easy to keep your billing contacts up to date in SmartSuite by updating existing contacts or adding additional contacts as your organization expands. Note that billing contacts do not have to be SmartSuite users.

What is a billing contact?

A Billing Contact is a person who receives emails for billing-related events for your SmartSuite workspace. A Billing Contact can be someone external to your Workspace and does not require a SmartSuite user license. You must always have at least one Billing Contact.

When you first upgrade to a paid SmartSuite workspace, the Workspace Administrator (the creator of the initial Trial workspace) will be the default Billing Contact.

Updating your billing contacts

Just follow these simple steps to update your information:

  1. Log in as a (Member with the Administrator role).

  2. Click on your user profile icon in the upper-right-hand corner of the SmartSuite interface to open your user profile options.

  3. Click Workspace Administration in the menu.

  4. Select the Plans & Billing tab.

  5. Click Edit in the Billing Contacts section.

  6. You will see the Manage Billing Contacts dialog displayed. Note that you may need to scroll down to see all contacts if you have more than two.

  7. Update existing contacts' information as required or click Add New Billing Contact (displayed in the bottom left corner of the dialog, under your last billing contact) to add a new contact.

  8. Click Update Billing Contacts to save your changes.

Removing billing contacts

You can use this same process to remove Billing Contacts by simply clicking the Remove Contact option. Note that you must always have at least one Billing Contact, so if there is only a single contact, it cannot be deleted.

What notifications do billing contacts receive?

Your Billing Contact(s) will receive email notifications about the following events:

  • Initial upgrade to a paid workspace

  • Plan changes

  • Subscription cancellations

  • Subscription renewals

  • Any other recurring charges

  • Overage charges

  • Additional users added to your subscription

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