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Understand SmartSuite subscription plan API transaction limits

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To ensure that SmartSuite maintains a secure and high-performance environment for all customers there are certain limits placed on the REST API. These limits fall into two categories:

  1. Number of Requests - Each Subscription Plan level has a limit on the number of API requests that can be made each month as part of their plan. Exceeding this number will slow the rate at which you can make requests. At 200% of your plan limit additional requests will be denied until the beginning of the next month.

  2. Request Rate - The speed at which requests are made is limited, regardless of Subscription Plan level. Requests can be made at a rate of 5 per second per user up to your plan's request limit. Beyond your limit you can make 2 requests per second per user. At 200% of your plan limit additional requests are denied until the beginning of the next month.


  • Rate: 5 Requests Per Second

    • Free: 1,000 requests

    • Team: 5,000 requests

    • Professional: 50,000 requests

    • Enterprise: 500,000 requests

  • Rate: 2 Requests Per Second

    • Free: up to 2,000 requests

    • Team: up to 10,000 requests

    • Professional: up to 100,000 requests

    • Enterprise: up to 1,000,000 requests

Requests made at rates that exceed these limits will be denied - the requestor will receive a 429 error. Requests made to workspaces that are over 200% of plan limits will be denied until the start of the next month.

These thresholds are in place to ensure that SmartSuite can continue to scale to meet all of our customers' needs, offsetting the cost of providing those services with reasonable incremental fees.

Plan Limit Warnings

If you exceed your API Request limit, a warning will be displayed to administrators in the Workspace Administration interface.

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