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Submitting Feature Requests
Submitting Feature Requests

Where Customers Shape Our Product Roadmap

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We created our Idea Exchange for you to communicate directly with our team on how we can improve SmartSuite. The Idea Exchange is an expression of our dedicated focus on product transparency and customer-inspired development.

Here, our team gathers customer feedback on existing product features, as well as any suggestions for new features. You can enter new feature requests, explore the active list, vote on the features you are interested in, and receive status updates to your email.

How to access the Idea Exchange:

As a SmartSuite user, you can request a new feature and provide feedback directly from your SmartSuite Help Panel by clicking on the Intercom messenger bubble at the lower right corner of your home page or account page.

Using the Idea Exchange

Before suggesting a new feature, be sure to see if someone already submitted the idea:

  1. Use the search bar to search for any keywords or phrases

  2. Refine results by selecting categories

If you find something similar, you can upvote the request and leave any comments to explain your suggestion in more detail.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, we encourage you to participate in our community and post your own request.

To request a new feature, simply click on the + sign to add the request. Select the relevant category, give your request a name, and include any additional details about your request. Feel free to attach any images or screenshots that you find helpful.

The View/Request New Feature tab opens the door to directly communicating with the SmartSuite staff and customers

The View/Request New Feature tab opens the door to directly communicating with the SmartSuite staff and customers


Sort by what feature requests are new, what's trending, and the current top requests.


You can use the filters to view the status of specific features including Open, Under Review, Planned, In Progress, and Complete.

  • The “Open” status confirms that your specific request has been submitted.

  • When it changes to “In Review,” it means we are evaluating and prioritizing this feature and its potential implementation.

  • When approved, the feature moves to “Planned” status and directly into our product roadmap.

  • “In Process” indicates that developers are already hard at work on the feature.

  • Finally, the “Complete” status confirms that this feature is now publicly available to SmartSuite users.

The "My Own" filter allows you to view the status of all the feature requests you have personally made or voted for.


We have many category topics that organize customer posts and feedback including:

  • Dashboards: Add requests on how to improve our dashboard view.

  • Automations/Integrations: Suggest updates to our current automation or platforms we should integrate with SmartSuite.

  • Field Types: Suggest new field types you would like to see on SmartSuite.

  • Grid View: Post about how we can improve your Grid View experience.

  • Hot Keys: Let us know any ideas you have for hotkeys to help you work faster.

Refine your results by browsing through our list of feature categories to locate specific features you are interested in.

Contributing to existing requests

It's simple to show your support for an idea by voting on an existing post and leaving any comments specific to your experience. Just click on the up arrow to add a vote!

Adding comments to posts help us get further insight into how our customers would benefit from the implementation of a feature.

What Happens Next?

If you personally request or even vote on another feature and its status changes, you will be directly notified via email. We will keep you in the loop for every stage of the feature's design and development process.

You can access all notifications about the feature requests you posted or interacted with by clicking on the bell icon.

Our SmartSuite team looks into all posted requests daily and evaluates them carefully before making decisions. We will communicate directly with you through this channel to ensure we understand your requests, ask you for input along the way, and verify that we understand your specific use case and desired functionality.

Although we cannot guarantee every feature will be implemented, we greatly value and listen to our customer's input to help us continue developing relevant, customer-inspired features.

Through the master view of our Product Roadmap, view the progress of all feature requests in the pipeline and their development status.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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