Assign, Resolve, & Reopen Comments

Turn discussions into assigned, trackable tasks that you can resolve or reopen at any time

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It's easy to lose sight of important discussions, which is why we allow you to Assign Comments to team members. Assigned Comments act like mini tasks attached to a record, but not as formal as an Assigned To field or Checklist item.

Assigned Comments direct attention to important dialog occurring directly in the record of interest to communicate where the work is being done.

Assign a Comment

When you @mention a member in a new comment, a checkmark will appear under the comment field with an option to "Assign Comment."

Assigning a comment will:

  • Notify the member that a new comment has been assigned to them

  • Display an unresolved comment in the record

Resolve an Assigned Comment

Click the Resolve Comment checkbox after you’ve completed the required action to clear the comment and move on to the next priority.

Resolving an Assigned Comment notifies the user who issued the assignment that the comment has been resolved.

Reopening a Resolved Comment

Resolved Comments disappear from the default Open Comments view in the comment panel.

Past Comments can be Reopened by selecting the Resolved Comments view.

You'll see an option to Reopen and reinstate the comment.

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