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Capture electronic signatures and track acknowledgements

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The Signature Field captures electronic acknowledgments. Uses include internal HR-related signatures, investment documentation, and delivery receipts (mobile) - anywhere signatures are used or in tracking chain of custody.

This field is a unique field type in SmartSuite as it validates the approval of important process steps or an external representation of knowledge, approval, acceptance, or obligation.

Adding a Signature field

From Grid View

Click the + menu icon after the last column header or open the Column Menu by clicking on a column header's dropdown icon and then select "Add Field to the Right."

Select "Signature" and a window will open to configure the field. You can search the name for a quick find.

From Record View

The fastest way to add a field from an open Record View to is simply click the + sign next to a current field to add a new field below.

See a Signature field being added in Edit Record View below:

Customizing the field

Solution Managers can require an entry in the field from the field settings.

Signers have the option to draw or type a signature. To draw a signature, simply click into the field and from the "Draw" tab, illustrate your signature in the empty space.

To type a signature, click into the field and select the "Type" tab. From here, you can click on "Type here" and your cursor will display to begin typing.

Using Signature Fields in Forms

The Signature field makes a great addition to your SmartSuite forms as you gather external data. For example, it may be important to include a signature in your client intake form.

Here is an example of a form submission that includes a Signature field.

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