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With SmartSuite, you customize the view of your data and organize it in a visual and more efficient way to better meet your project needs and help you make important decisions. SmartSuite brings your developed workflows to life.

Manage Your Workflow Structure

In SmartSuite, each grouping from your workflow becomes its own table that breaks down into records with corresponding fields.

Organize Workflow Details

Each grouping holds important information and details that will now be organized as fields. Fields are fully customizable and can highlight any form of information about that group, including:

  • Status: Indicate the status of your workflow that links directly to the due date.

  • Single Select: Pre-assigned categories or types to select from

  • Dates: Keep track of important dates for timelines and upcoming due dates

  • Assign: Assign ownership to aspects of your workflow

You can add new fields to hold additional data. Fields can be added from a View (clicking the "plus" sign in Grid View's header, for example) or from another field's three-dot menu in the expanded edit record view.

Linked Record

Link your workflows

Through the linked record field, connect and develop a visual relationship with workflows and reference data from other Tables in your solution or even a different solution. This makes your data dynamic.

For example, a marketing firm may want to connect people from the company Contact solution to the Campaign Project solution to help connect the contact information about each Project Owner. Rather than creating a new field, a linked record allows this connection to happen directly in the workflow.

  • Creating Linked Records: See how you can simplify your workflows by understanding the relationships within them. Use linked records to execute this connection.

Enhance Data Through View Types

Views including Grid, Chart, and Kanban and filters such as grouping, allow you to see data in the best way for your particular workflow and filter information to see what is most important.

Depending on what you are trying to manage, there are views that best display your data.

To Manage:

View Suggestion:



Task/Project Status




Upcoming Due Dates


Long-term Projects


You can create as many views as you need to store all the different ways you need to see your data.

Your data from your workflow now is organized in a visual yet detailed way with the key connections within it.

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