Folder Permissions

Apply permissions to Folders to present Views to a specific audience

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SmartSuite supports Folder Permissions, allowing Solution Managers and above to control access to folders within the Table. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to configure folder visibility settings, manage permissions, and ensure secure collaboration.

Required Permissions

  • User Roles: Solution Managers and administrator role users

Accessing Folder Settings

  1. Navigate to the Folder: Log in to SmartSuite and select the desired folder.

  2. Open Folder Settings: Click on the new menu item called “Folder Settings”.

Folder Settings

Configuring Folder Settings

1. Change Folder Name

  • Solution Managers can easily modify the name of a folder to better reflect its content or purpose.

Change folder name

2. Folder Visibility Settings

Choose from two visibility states:

  1. Everyone: The folder is visible to all users (the default). All users with access to the table and its contents can see the folder and its Views.

  2. Selected Members: The folder is visible only to those users who are selected by the Solution Manager.

    Folder Visibility

3. Selected Members Setting

This advanced setting allows Solution Managers to fine-tune folder visibility. It consists of three sub-options:

  1. Members: Individual users who should have access to the folder.

  2. Teams: Specific teams that need access.

  3. Permission Roles: Roles (such as “Editors,” “Viewers,” etc.) that define access rights.

Selected Members Setting

Combining Selections

  • Users can combine selections within each of the three groups. For example:

    • Folder Visibility: Visible to Member A, Team B, and Editors.

    • All three options are connected using the AND operator.

Applying Permissions

Members Controls

  • The Members section lists individual users who can access the folder.

  • Click on the blue plus (+) icon to select Members.

Teams Control

  • Lists all teams that currently have access to the folder.

  • Click on the blue plus (+) icon to select Teams.

Permission Roles Control

  • Select one or more roles to allow access. Members who have one of the selected roles will see the folder and its Views.

  • Note: This control displays the entire set of permission roles, regardless of whether any members in the current table have them. For example, even if everyone in the table has Full Access, the Assignee role will still be listed.

Selecting Permission Roles

SmartSuite’s Folder Permissions empower Solution Managers to set up granular access controls. By combining user selections and managing roles, you can ensure that folders are accessible to the right individuals and teams.

Remember to save your changes after configuring folder settings!

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