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Visualize all your Workspace Solution's Tables, Fields, and Relationships

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The SmartSuite Data Schema Widget visualizes your SmartSuite Solutions by showing active relationships between Solutions, Tables, and their Fields.

A Table with fields that have at least one of the following relationships: linked records, a formula that references another field, a rollup field, a lookup field, or a count field.

Of course, your SmartSuite Workspace can have any number of these relationships across any number of Solutions, Tables, and Fields.

The Data Schema widget will automatically detect these relationships and display them in your dashboard widget.

How to Create a Data Schema Widget

To create a Data Schema Widget, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new Dashboard view (or add to an existing one)

  2. Select Add a Widget in upper right corner

  3. Hover over Data Schema Widget and click "Install"

Selecting a Solution

By default, all Solutions in your Workspace will display in your widget.

You can then identify which Solution you wish to display the relationships of through the Setting's "Solution" dropdown tab.

The Solution's relationships will display:

Display Formats

Indicate whether you want links to other Solutions to display.

For example, you can display the relationship between a patient's Appointment in the Patient Management Solution and the patient's account in the Account Management Solution.

Choose a display format for all fields or fields that have a relationship with one another.

If you choose to display all fields, every field will display under each Table of the Solution.

Working with the Data Schema

Drag Solutions and Tables around to customize their arrangement.

Now you can start designing your database in SmartSuite, add the relations while visualizing the whole Workspace Solutions and Tables with their relations, do modifications and they'll reflect in the actual solution!

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