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Lock your Saved Views to protect workflows

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Locking Views

Locked Views are a feature available on the Professional and Enterprise plan that allows the View Creator, Solution Manager, or Admin to prevent others from making changes to them and from altering the view's configuration and custom elements.

This feature is especially useful when adjustments to the Saved View may be disruptive to the view's purpose and the team's workflow. This can also prevent other members from unintentionally editing the views.

Why Would I Want to Lock a View?

Some examples of why you may want to lock a View include:

  • The view is a link sent to others frequently and contains more sensitive or confidential information

  • Team members frequently access the Saved View in a necessary static configuration

Locked Saved View Permissions

To use this feature, you must be the View Creator, a Solution Manager, and a Workspace Admin. The lock feature is available for all public views,

Note: Locking a View does not prevent users from changing the content of the records or adding new ones or preventing viewing or editing access.

This feature prevents members from renaming a view and its description, changing the type to Private, and deleting the view.

The Locked views are marked with the locked icon. If granted the right permissions, you can unlock the view from the 3 dot menu.

Locking a View

To lock a View, simply click on the View dropdown, hover over the Saved View you wish to lock, and click on the 3 dot menu.

From the display, hover over the Public View selection and a window will appear allowing you to adjust the toggle and lock this Saved view.

A red locked icon will display next to the Public View tab indicating the locked state.

Changes to locked states will be saved immediately regardless if the autosave feature is on!

Unlocking a View

If you want to return the ability for members with editing permissions to change the view's configuration like other Public Saved Views, you can unlock the view again.

To lock a view, follow the same steps as you did to lock the view and disable the toggle. The lock icon next to the Public View tab will no longer display.

Note: Only View Creator or Solution Manager can unlock a View.

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