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Start visualizing your data with SmartSuite charts

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Chart View allows you to create visualizations for your data, displaying information in a variety of popular chart formats. SmartSuite’s chart configuration panel makes it easy to select the perfect settings to best represent your data.

Chart Use Cases

Compare items by shared data groupings with Bar and Column charts. Track values over time with Line and Area charts. Use Pie or Donut charts to instantly assess how common items relate to each other.

Stacked line, column and area chart types are great for comparing data by grouping. See month-over-month sales by region, or look at task completion over time for different teams.

Advanced chart types are available to visualize more complex data relationships. Scatter charts display the relationship between two variables, and bubble charts show relationships between three variables (with the option of adding color to show a fourth dimension in the data).

Heat map charts support display of data in a two-dimensional matrix where values are represented with color. This is a great way to identify patterns and areas of concentration in your data.

Available Chart Types

The following formats are available:

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