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SmartSuite wants to do more than just provide you with a great work management platform - our goal is to empower you with information about the product, connect you to a community of users who are passionate about SmartSuite, and allow you to communicate information about yourself to your teammates to improve remote work experiences.

Many of these things are separate from the individual Solutions and apps you work with to get your tasks done, and they can be accessed through the User Profile Menu.

Where to Find the User Profile Menu

This is an easy one, because the User Profile menu is available from every page in SmartSuite. Simply click anywhere in the area that displays your name and workspace in the upper-right side of the SmartSuite header and the User Profile menu slides cleanly into view.

Note that if you decide that you don't want to access any of the functions or information from the menu, clicking anywhere outside of it will close it back up.

Summary of User Profile Menu Options

Each of the individual functions and link content available from the User Profile menu has its own dedicated help article, but here's a summary to get you pointed in the right direction quickly:

Links to User Profile-Related Pages

Menu Item


My User Profile

Opens the top-level user profile page

Personal Information

Shortcut to settings related to you, from your contact information through your skills and hobbies

Workspace Information

See information about your assigned access role and Team membership

General Preferences

Set your preferred language, time zone and locale

Notification Settings


Subscribe to SmartSuite news and updates, or configure email digest settings

Change Password

Allows you to easily change your password if you're not authenticating with an external account (Google etc).

You can also create a SmartSuite login (setting a username and password) if you want to convert your account from an external login to a SmartSuite login.


Get your access token and use SmartSuite's powerful REST API

Active Sessions

See or log out all of your active SmartSuite sessions

Activity History


View your SmartSuite actions in a historical log

Login History

Review your login history to ensure that your workspace is safe and secure

Explore SmartSuite Links

Menu Item


Help Center

Access the SmartSuite help center top-level page

Online Community

Join an active SmartSuite community and share information and ideas

Getting Started Videos

Browse our library of informational and how-to videos to get you started with SmartSuite

Solution Templates

Browse hundreds of best-practices templates to kickstart your work

What's New

View information about recent updates and enhancements to SmartSuite

Get Mobile App

Ask SmartSuite to send you a text that contains a link to our mobile app

Refer a Friend

If you love SmartSuite, click here to tell your friends about it

Other User Profile Menu Links

Menu Item


Set Availability Status

Let other users know your status and when you might be available

Workspace Administration

Users with the Administrator role access admin functions here

Switch Workspaces

If you're a Member of multiple SmartSuite workspaces you can easily switch between them here

Recycle Bin

See items that you have deleted and restore them if necessary


Securely log out of the SmartSuite platform

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