Becoming a Solution Manager

The Solution Manager role can unlock your SmartSuite potential

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General users are by default limited to the configuration provided to them in the Solutions they use. Users who are granted the Solution Manager permission (by the Solution Creator, a workspace Administrator, or another Solution Manager) can create, modify and publish those solutions to create the environments where their team members can get things done.

When your Member account is granted the Solution Manager permission you have the ability to create Solutions from SmartSuite's Template library (with hundreds of pre-build, best-practices Solutions that address common business needs) or create your own from scratch.

If you're interested in becoming a Solution Manager, we suggest these steps:

1 - Learn About Managing Solutions

SmartSuite provides lots of content to make learning about Solutions and their capabilities easy. See the Solutions section of the SmartSuite Help Center to get started on your journey.

2 - Granting the Solution Manager permission

The following can grant a Member the Solution Manager permission for a particular Solution:

  • A Member with the Administrator role for the workspace

  • A Member with the Solution Creator role in Solutions they have created

  • A Member with the Solution Manager permission in the Solution

To grant a Member the Solution Manager permission, click the plus (+) icon in the bottom-right corner of the Solution permissions dialog:

You can see details of assigned Solution Managers by hovering their icon, and can remove the permission by clicking the X displayed in the upper-right corner of the icon when hovered.

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