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Switching Workspaces/Setting a Default

Easily switch between multiple SmartSuite workspaces

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Individual users can be Members of multiple SmartSuite Workspaces, giving them access to the content stored in each. This can be handy for organizations that have teams that started separate workspaces, allowing users to simply accept invitations to join other SmartSuite workspaces.

Switching between two or more SmartSuite workspaces couldn't be easier - in fact, there are two ways to do it!

Switch workspaces from the SmartSuite home page

When you first log into one of your SmartSuite workspaces you're taken to the home page, which displays your organization's logo, the workspace name, and lists the Solutions you have access to.

If your user profile is associated with more than one SmartSuite workspace, you can switch between workspace right from this screen by following these easy steps:

  1. Click on the arrow to the right of your workspace's name.

  2. See the Choose Workspace dialog displayed.

  3. Click on the name of the workspace you want to switch to.

  4. Your screen will refresh and you'll be at the home page of your selected workspace.

Switch workspaces from the user profile menu

If you're not at your home page, it's also possible to switch workspace from your user profile menu. Just do this:

  1. Click on your user profile icon in the upper-right hand corner of the SmartSuite interface to open your user profile options.

  2. Click on Switch Workspace.

  3. You will see a list of all other SmartSuite workspace you have access to.

  4. Click on the Workspace name.

  5. Your page will refresh and you'll be at the home page of your selected workspace.

Remember, this option is only displayed for users that are associated with multiple SmartSuite workspaces.

Setting a default workspace

If you have multiple workspaces associated with your Member profile, you can choose a default workspace, which takes user to their default account directly after login.

To do this, simply open the Switch Workspace model using either of the ways described above, and click the default button of the workspace you want to become your default. You can easily see which workspace is set to default because the button will turn green ๐ŸŸข. If you want to change this, just click on the default button for another workspace.

If you are removed from a workspace that you have set as your default, your default will switch to another existing workspace, until changed.

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