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Accessing your Workspace Summary

View your Workspace Summary following these steps:

  1. Log in as a Member (with the Administrator role).

  2. Click on your user profile icon in the upper-right hand corner of the SmartSuite interface to open your user profile options.

  3. Click Workspace Administration in the menu.

  4. The Workspace Summary tab is displayed by default.

Here, you can invite new members, create teams, and adjust your member's roles.

Member Activity

The Member Activity section dives into individual users and their actions within SmartSuite, allowing you to see who are your SmartSuite platform movers and shakers. These users often serve as internal champions, providing support, ideas, and encouragement to other teams.

This display defaults to showing information based on the last 90 days' usage. You can change this value by selecting an option in the dropdown list in the upper right-hand corner of the section.

There are a number of subsections in this panel that focus on different aspects of user activity, including:

  • Recent Logins - See the last users to log into the system

  • New Signups - A quick view of the last five users to join your workspace

  • Most Active Users - A list of your power users, ranked by total interaction (this view defaults to most active by "total interactions" but can be modified by selecting an opting in the interactions type dropdown)

  • Login History - See the total login volume across time, defaulting to a month view (which can be changed by selecting an option in the timeframe dropdown list)

  • User Engagement - This year-long heatmap-style graphic lets you visualize user activity over the course of the entire year, allowing you to detect trends, evaluate the impact of internal marketing or education programs, and more

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