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SmartSuite AI FAQ
SmartSuite AI FAQ
A set of frequently asked questions about AI in SmartSuite
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This article contains a set of frequently asked questions about AI in SmartSuite. If you're interested in learning about how we utilize AI to power our features or if you have any concerns about AI ethics, this page provides some useful insights. For more information on pricing or how to use SmartSuite AI, you can refer to their dedicated articles.

What's so unique about SmartSuite AI?

SmartSuite AI goes beyond the use of it in a SmartDoc field. You can also ask the AI Assist for create reports and charts on the spot, and even generate new Solutions

What is SmartSuite using behind the scenes to make this work?

SmartSuite uses OpenAI GPT-3.5 API.

What qualifies as an AI "response" in SmartSuite?

Each time you perform an AI action, including creating new content, editing existing content, or using AI blocks, and receive a response from SmartSuite AI, it counts as an AI response. Additionally, every time you click on "Try again," it is counted as an extra AI response.

Does SmartSuite AI have access to all data in my workspace?

SmartSuite AI only accesses the content on the page where you're using it.

How does SmartSuite AI use my data?

Your data is protected and encrypted following our standard data protection practices. Any information utilized to power SmartSuite AI will be shared only to provide you with SmartSuite AI features. We don't permit any third parties or partners to use your data to train their models or for any other purpose.

Can I purchase SmartSuite AI for only a part of my team, instead of the entire workspace?

At present, SmartSuite AI is available to paid SmartSuite workspaces. There isn't an option to provision AI access to a specific portion of your workspace. If you choose to add AI to your workspace, every member of your workspace will be able to utilize the AI features. This includes workspace Admins and any users. However, guests won't have access to AI features in your workspace.

How is SmartSuite AI different from other AI tools?

SmartSuite AI isn't the only AI-powered tool available. However, what makes SmartSuite AI special is that it's integrated into the place where you already work, store notes & docs, and create reports. There's no need to switch back and forth between your notes and a separate AI-powered tool. . In the future, SmartSuite AI will be able to take advantage of even more features offered by SmartSuite beyond notes, AI Assistant, and Solution Template creation.

How can I ensure that SmartSuite AI's responses are accurate?

SmartSuite AI is most effective at streamlining your workflows, such as summarizing meeting notes and brainstorming to get you started. It isn't intended to replace research. We always recommend that you verify the accuracy of the content generated by SmartSuite AI before relying on it for critical content.

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