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What Are Tables?

Each Solution can have one or more Tables, which are similar to a single worksheet tab in a spreadsheet.

Tables in SmartSuite hold information about one type of item; for example, projects, tasks, campaigns, and products. Each Solution needs at least one Table. Tables appear as their own tab in a Solution.

Note: You can have a maximum of 25 Tables within a single Solution

Tables have Fields that are used to store different types of information, like text, dates, rich documents, files, links to other records, and much more.

When your Solution involves tracking different types of things or coordinating different processes, it usually makes sense to give each distinct item its own Table. For example, an Event Planning solution might have separate Tables for Events, Schedules, Attendees and Vendors.

The Records that a Table contains store individual values for each of the Table's Fields.

A Record is an individual item in a Table. Records are the basic unit of data that are pulled into various Views and Dashboards. Each Record can include data in multiple Fields.

A Field is a vertical column in a Table. It contains the details or data (attributes) for each Record in the Table.

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