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Organize Your Record View with Sections
Organize Your Record View with Sections
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Keep your records looking clean and pristine! Sections are particularly useful for Tables with a lot of fields - our personal opinion here at SmartSuite is Solution Managers should start dropping Record Sections into Tables when they reach over 10 fields.

To create a section, follow these steps:

  1. Click the action menu of the field you want the section above

  2. Select 'Add Section."

  3. Name the Section

SmartSuite treats every field beneath the section header as part of the same section. Clicking the arrow to the left of the header will collapse the section, hiding all fields within.

Modifying Sections

Once created, hovering over a section header will display our favorite "..." menu on the right. Here you can:

  • Rename the section

  • Move it up or down, i.e. moving it up shifts it above the next section (note, there must be multiple sections for this to work)

  • Delete the section

  • Collapse the section by default

Section Descriptions

Each section can have a multi-lined description. Click on the three-dot menu to add one. Use up to 750 characters to explain a particular section's purpose

Switching or editing the description can be done through the three-dot menu, switching it to edit mode to be deleted or modified.

Learn more here!

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