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Navigating the Home Page & Exploring its Features

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The SmartSuite Home Page offers easy access to the resources you need to get started using our platform and more customization options for your company's workspace.


Home Page Header

Some import links on note on the SmartSuite homepage include:
​Back to Home Page: Clicking on dot array and far left SmartSuite logo will bring you

Power Search πŸ”Ž: Search for content across every part of SmartSuite.

Custom logo: Insert your own custom logo by hovering over our SmartSuite center logo.

On the right side, you can find:

Member Directory: Organizations of every shape, size, and location enjoy a comprehensive employee directory built directly into SmartSuite.
​Starred Items: Star your favorite Solutions, Saved views, and Records to quickly navigate to the things you need to focus on.

My Work: See all of your tasks from every part of your SmartSuite workspace at a glance.

Notification Center: View all notifications across your Solutions in one place.
​Member Profile Menu: The profile picture icon will take you to all your personal and Workspace information - the place where Admins can access billing information, invite and manage their members, and create teams.

SmartSuite home page

Left Side Bar

On the left-hand side, you can search for Solutions by name, view SmartSuite's resources, navigate to a page showing upcoming webinars and more!

Home Page Left side bar


  • SmartSuite Guides: These guides serve as your ultimate overview to help you get started using our product. They include an introduction to the SmartSuite platform, basic terminology, and a walkthrough of creating your first workflow.

  • Schedule a Demo: Schedule a personalized demo with one of our team members to learn more about SmartSuite and how it can help your organization with all your work.

  • How to Videos: Watch detailed section videos to help you begin your SmartSuite journey and explore the many features and functions the platform offers.

  • Help Center: In the help center, you can find Help Articles for almost anything SmartSuite-related. Get detailed information on how to use SmartSuite and access the expert advice you need to become a power user.

  • Community: In the SmartSuite Community, you can interact with other SmartSuite users to ask questions, learn more about the platform, and see how other customers are using SmartSuite.

  • Academy: This Academy is the place for you to strengthen your SmartSuite skills and increase your overall productivity. Stay tuned, this feature will be available shortly!

  • Webinars: View our webinar homepage to see all upcoming webinars and on-demand recordings.

  • Template Gallery: View our template Solution Library that contains pre-built, ready-to-use solutions we created in partnership with business leaders and industry experts.

  • Contact Support: Reach out to our support team with any help you need along the way.

  • Download Andriod/IOS App: Download the SmartSuite mobile app to manage your work on the go.

  • Go to Click this link to easily access our website home page when you're logged in to your workspace.

Upcoming Webinars

Here you can view all of our upcoming webinars and explore previous on-demand recordings.

Workspace Customization

You can now customize your company's workspace with our updated homepage's theme color and custom logo features.

Theme Color

As a SmartSuite member, you can select a personal theme color workspace banner, whether it reflects your company's brand or simply just your favorite color.

Click on the "Change Color" icon in the upper right corner of your workspace banner and select the color you would like. There are a variety of color options for you to choose from.

Customized Logo

The new homepage banner also offers the ability to customize your workspace logo.

Hover over the default logo and click the "Edit Logo" button to upload your own custom logo. You'll have the option to crop the image and select either a circular or rectangle shape to display it in.

These new workspace customizations enable your everyday view of SmartSuite's work management platform to match your company branding and personality.

Navigation to SmartSuite's Main Website

Easily go back to our main website when you are logged in, making it easy to access information about SmartSuite, our subscription plans, information about partnering and more.

Just click on the link displayed in the popup when you log in, or click the "Go to SmartSuite" link in the left nav to be redirected.

Inviting Members

Account admins can invite new members directly from the "My Workspace" section on the new home page. Click "Invite Members" and the familiar invitation dialog will open.

Upgrading Your Account

After creating a SmartSuite account, you can view how much time you have left in your trial on the Home Page banner. Select "Upgrade Now" to upgrade to one of our plans.
Once your trial period ends, the banner will display accordingly, and we will automatically move your workspace to our Free Forever Plan unless you choose to upgrade to Team, Professional, or Enterprise.

πŸ’‘Need more help?

  • Join our Community to interact with other SmartSuite users, ask questions, learn more about the platform, and see how other customers are using SmartSuite.

  • Get all your questions answered live by a Product Specialist during our Daily Office Hours Monday-Friday at 9:00 am PT.

  • Explore our Academy for free, instructor-led video courses to help you get started.

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