Counter Metric Widget
Tally up numeric or currency fields to put a running total of any key metric front and center in a dashboard.
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Check out the Introduction to Dashboards article to understand the basics of working with widgets.


The Counter widget points to any numeric or currency field in any app within a solution and sums the value of all records to show a running total of a particular metric.


The Counter widget has all kinds of uses. Roll up this week's marketing leads, closed sales revenue, resolved bug count, open project issues, goals achieved - if it's a metric, you can count it.


To get started, add the widget and click + Add Widget. Select the Field from an app in the solution, choose a numeric operator, select a color and icon, and indicate your preferred style - horizontal or vertical, depending on your dashboard layout.

You can choose to have the count total centered in a vertical format.

Alternately, you can opt to have the count metric left-aligned in a horizontal format.

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