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What are Team Members?
What are Team Members?
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You've seen us refer to "team members," so what exactly do we mean?

Members are what SmartSuite calls individual users of a particular SmartSuite workspace. Members are assigned a role, granting them either regular user, Solution Manager, or Administrative access to the workspace. You can read more about roles in this article.

Individual users can be Members of multiple SmartSuite Workspaces, giving them access to the content stored in each. This can be handy for organizations that have teams that started separate workspaces, allowing users to simply accept invitations to join other SmartSuite workspaces.

Note: Roles and permissions are assigned to Members per workspace, so an individual Member may have different levels of access to different workspaces.

How do I switch between workspaces?

Switching between two or more SmartSuite workspaces couldn't be easier - in fact, there are two ways to do it:

  1. Selecting the workspace from the company name dropdown menu on the home page

  2. Selecting Switch Workspace from the user profile menu

Here's a help article that walks you through both options.

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