We do our very best to release only the highest-quality software, but with a powerful platform like SmartSuite there will inevitably be a few things that slip through the cracks. We appreciate it when our user community reports issues to us, as it decreases the turnaround time for a fix to the benefit of every user of the platform.

If you can, take a screenshot of the bug so that we can immediately see where it occurs and which interfaces are involved. We appreciate the detail!

Here's how to report a new bug

Reporting a bug is a snap, takes just a minute, and can be done right within your SmartSuite user environment. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the chat Icon in the lower right corner of the screen

  2. Click the Report a Bug button

  3. Click the plus (+) icon to create a new bug report.

  4. Enter a title and a description of the problem - make sure you tell us how to reproduce the bug.

  5. Optionally (but preferably!) attach a screenshot of the issue by clicking on the attachment icon.

  6. Click Create Post to send it our way.

Bugs that have already been reported

As you start to enter information about the bug you're reporting, the system will ask you if it might be similar to other issues that have previously been reported.

If you see one that seems to describe your problem, you can click on it to view the entire bug report. If it is similar, simply click the "up vote" icon to let us know you're also having this problem, and optionally leave additional comments that the team can review as they address the issue.

Viewing and searching bug reports

Wondering if someone has already reporting a problem with a SmartSuite function or feature? It takes just a few seconds to check!

When you click on the Report a Bug button, the trending bugs are displayed, showing you the things that have most recently been submitted or are getting a lot of upvotes. If the bug you're looking for doesn't appear in that list, you can click on the search icon to search all reported bugs by keyword.

You can upvote a bug report just by clicking on the icon, or click into the report for all the details, attached images, and the opportunity to add your own comments to the bug. Thanks again for helping us make SmartSuite better!

Filtering, searching and sorting reported bugs

You can navigate through bugs easily with filters and sorting. You have several choices available to display things just how you want them:


You can sort bug reports in a number of different ways:

  1. Trending - the default setting, you'll see the bugs that are getting the most views by other users

  2. Top - show the bugs with the largest number of upvotes

  3. New - show the bugs that are most recently reported


You can also display bugs that are in a specific status (i.e. see everything that we've got in a Planned status) or just bugs that you have reported:

  1. Under Review - the default status, this indicates that the bug has been reported but we're still reviewing it

  2. Planned - indicates that the bug is on our roadmap and will be fixed soon!

  3. In Progress - the bug is currently being worked on by our software team

  4. Complete - the bug has been fixed!

  5. My Own - displays only those bugs that you have reported


On top of sorting and filtering, you can also search through the names and descriptions of all bugs to find the specific issue you're looking for. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click the search icon to the left of the Add New button.

  2. Type in terms related to the issue you're looking for.

  3. The bugs list will dynamically adjust to show only those records that contain your search terms.

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