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Understand SmartSuite subscription plan limits and overages

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General Limits

Depending on the SmartSuite subscription plan you select, you have limits on certain types of usage such as a number of records, storage space, and automation actions. Some of these are fixed to your plan, and you will be unable to add additional content until you've freed up some space. These include:

  • Total Users: A Team plan and above can have any number of licensed users. Free plans are limited to 3 active users.

  • Total Solutions. A Team workspace and above can have Unlimited Solutions.

  • Records Per Solution. Here, Team gets you up and running with up to 5,000 records in each solution, expanding to 35,000 in Professional and 50,000 in Enterprise. Free plans are limited to 1000 records per Solution.

  • File Storage: The Free Plan allows for 100MB of file storage, Team Plan allows 50GB, Professional allows 100GB, and Enterprise, 500GB.

  • Activity Data: Changes to records, comments and mentioned are tracked and viewable to 1 Year on Team, 2 Years on Professional and 3 Years for Enterprise. Free plans have 14 days of activity history.

  • Automation History Data: Automation run history is also maintained at these same activity data retention periods: 1 Year for Team, 2 Years for Professional, 3 Years for Enterprise and 14 days for free Plans.

  • Recycle Bin: You can restore deleted data with the recycle bin for 30 days with Team, 45 days with Professional, and 60 days with Enterprise.

Flexible Limits

There are a few other resources that are metered against your workspace, including:

  • Automation Actions: Team Plans include 5,000 automation actions per month, Professional includes 50,000 and Enterprise bumps up to 500,000 to support all of the workflows and processes of a large organization.

  • API Requests: Team Plans include 5,000 API requests per month, Professional includes 50,000, and Enterprise increases to 500,000 for serious interoperation and integration with existing systems.

If you exceed these limits for your workspace, your automations will be disabled. At the start of the next month you can re-enable these automations. You can also choose to re-run any automations that did not process when disabled.

These thresholds are in place to ensure that SmartSuite can continue to scale to meet all of our customer's needs, offsetting the cost of providing those services with reasonable incremental fees.

More detail about all the limits in this article.

Plan Limit Warnings

You will receive a warning in the automations configuration UI when you have reached 90% of your plan's automation action limit. Another message will be displayed when you have exhausted your plan's limit.

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