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Combine Text from Two or More Fields
Combine Text from Two or More Fields

Use a SmartSuite Formula Field to quickly create customized text

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SmartSuite formulas make it easy to combine values from two or more fields to create a custom label. Here's how:

  1. Add a new Formula field to your Table

  2. After the Formula builder opens, give the field a name

  3. Follow the instructions below to enter a formula that combines fields and text

  4. Click the Add Field button to save your changes

Building your formula

You can include a number of different elements in your formula:

  • Include another field's value by referencing it by name, enclosed in square brackets: [Field Name]

  • Include text by enclosing it in double quotes (spaces will be included!)

There are two ways to create custom text in your formula - with the addition (+) operator or the CONCAT function.

Addition operator

Use a + in between [Field] names or "text" like this:

[Field Name] + " some additional text " + [Field 2]

CONCAT function

Use the CONCAT function to combine a comma-separated list of items into a single text value:

CONCAT( [Field Name], " some additional text ", [Field 2] )

Note that the text is combined in the order listed, left to right.


Combine Two Fields to Create a Custom Label

An example of this would be creating a unique name for a record that stores your sales leads, combining the name of the potential customer with the sales region. You can do that in two ways:

[Customer Name] + "-" + [Region]


CONCAT([Customer Name], "-", [Region])

The CONCAT function concatenates (combines) the text values of the items you include, separating those values with commas. The result might looks something like:


Include Dates and Numbers in Your Text

If you combine numbers or dates in this way, your output will be text. For example you could append the created date to a customer service ticket name:

[Ticket Name] + "-" + [First Created]

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