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Changing record display type
Changing record display type
Increase data organization through record displays
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Drag & Drop Field Organization

Solution Managers and Workspace Admins can simply drag and drop any field to a new position and the changes will persist across all members with access to the app.

Grab the dot icon to the left of any field to drag and drop to the new location:

Fields either span one or two columns based on the type and field settings. SmartSuite automatically accounts for the size differences when moving fields on the layout.

Tips & Best Practices

Most Used Fields First

Keep primary fields, statuses, key dates, contact fields, assignments - which are some of the most important data attributes of a record or process - at the top of the record layout.

Group Single / Double Column Fields

Usability increases when fields are grouped by size.

Start Simple

When getting started, focus on fields that are essential, ones that drive primary workflows and key processes. Edge cases and exceptions to rules can complicate and clutter records. Get the basics out there and make updates as needed.

Group Linked Record Fields

Solutions with many Linked Record fields can get large. We recommend grouping them to create "sections" towards the bottom of the record layout.

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